The Hope of New life

The Hope of New Life Reindeer calving season has started. Newborn reindeer are running around the forests and wetlands. May is the month when most reindeer calves are born. In Sámi language May is called “reindeer calf month”. Our reindeer go near the large wetlands to give birth. There they have peace far away from human made hassle, and they like to eat plants growing in swamps, like bogbean. We are spying them from distance every now and then, trying to check everything is going well but still avoid any unnecessary disturbance. Today we spotted a few newborn cuties. They are too cute, aren’t they? Newborn reindeer calf weights about 5-7 kilos. Very soon after birth they can already run. And for sure, they love running. Sometimes it looks like the mothers have difficulties to follow these few days old rascals running and jumping around.   We have had a Read more…

18.3. Finland is closed and our new reindeer adopters’ group is opened

Finland is closing its borders for a while, so our life in the reindeer farm will be calm and quiet for coming weeks. Sad it is. But we will survive. Hope you will too! This virus is like a scary movie, feeling a bit unreal and still happening in reality. All blessings to the worst-hit countries and all people suffering. Our thoughts are with you <3 We are in home quarantine, due to the fact, that our family’s oldest members are in their late 80s, and have some basic diseases. So, we have closed all our tours for at least two weeks, and will close them for a longer period if needed, when we see how this pandemic continues and eventually ends. Due to this unexpected situation, we have planned some new on-line services. Today we opened Reindeer Journey’s adopters’ group in Facebook. It is a private group for all Read more…

“Put up the Lávvu”-hut day

Today the weather was finally suitable for pitching up our Lappish hut (Lávvu) into the forest. It will be a nice shelter, to enjoy packed lunch and warm drinks, especially in harsh weather. We got some helping hooves there as well. And Martta the Lapponian herder, of course, was supervising the building process all the way. Tomorrow we’ll “furnish” it and then it is ready for use. The Lávvu is near our reindeer feeding site, and this is the place we enjoy the Lappish snacks with our guests in coming months. You’re welcome to join us! 🙂

Ice Age in the Santa’s Reindeer Sleigh School!

Last two weeks we have had so weird weather! One day it’s raining and next it’s -25 of C. As you surely can imagine, everything is completely frozen. And reindeer are searching for better grazing grounds, going to places we would prefer them not to go. Life has been quite a mess. Luckily our reindeer are settled quite well on the herd, not walking so much anymore. We have started winter feeding already, and almost all herd has settled on to their winter grounds, near our feeding sites. Sleigh reindeer and other males are in their own stock, hanging together and taking it easy. We do not let the stags to go with does, because they do not have antlers this time of year, and might not get enough food in the same herd with does who have antlers and are ruling the world right now 🙂 Hopefully the weather Read more…

Stribeback has a cute little brother

Today we got the most wanted visitor from the forest to our yard, when one of our breeding females came to show that she is doing great and has a beautiful chunky new baby boy. Cute, isn’t he?! This doe is the mom of Stribeback, one of our sleigh reindeers. So Stribeback has now a little brother growing and hopefully one day joining our Santa’s sleigh team.  They all look lot alike, having a blondish color, white nose and white marks around their eyes. Like mother, like sons. It’s always so exciting and simply wonderful to meet these new kids and see they are doing good. In coming winter this kid will probably start as a student in our sleigh school, following his big brother’s steps.