Today we got the most wanted visitor from the forest to our yard, when one of our breeding females came to show that she is doing great and has a beautiful chunky new baby boy. Cute, isn’t he?!

This doe is the mom of Stribeback, one of our sleigh reindeers. So Stribeback has now a little brother growing and hopefully one day joining our Santa’s sleigh team. 

Stribeback’s mom and little brother born in May 2019. Such a cutie.

They all look lot alike, having a blondish color, white nose and white marks around their eyes. Like mother, like sons.

It’s always so exciting and simply wonderful to meet these new kids and see they are doing good. In coming winter this kid will probably start as a student in our sleigh school, following his big brother’s steps. 

Stribeback in the first of May 2019. Beautiful blondie.


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