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From Reindeer Journey’s site you can adopt a reindeer to yourself or give one as a gift. The adoption service aims to spread the information and knowledge about reindeer and reindeer herding to the world. You can also book an adventure and visit us. We love animals and nature, and these are the values we want to foster through all our doings. Adoption and adventure services helps us to do that and to take a good care of our reindeer in continually changing world.    


You can choose the form of adoption: adopt a specific reindeer exclusively through “Private” adoption, or do it together with others through “Shared” Adoption. 

After the adoption, you will receive the adoption letter, and a certificate. We will send these via e-mail. You are asked to create a username and password, and you can use those to sign up to your reindeer’s private page. If you give the reindeer as a gift to another person, you can name that person to the adoption certificate. We will send the certificate and the code to you, and then you can give those to your chosen one.     

On the reindeer’s private page, we will share and update information about your reindeer’s life from two to four times a month. Many of the reindeer available for adoption, are wearing GPS collars, so we are able to share the information about their movements with the adopters year around. 

Sometimes we share also live videos, which you can follow through the private social media channels for adopters only. 

Private adoption means that you adopt a reindeer exclusively to you or the one you give it as a gift. On the reindeer’s private page, you will be the only one getting the information of your reindeer’s life. If you want to choose a private adoption with a possibility to name your reindeer yourself, send us e-mail. Also if you like to have a special reindeer for marketing or for promoting your business, send an e-mail and we’ll see what we can offer to you. 

Shared Adoption means that the reindeer will have multiple adopters, and you join the adoption team of the reindeer. All adopters are able to attend the reindeer’s private page, see the information shared there, and join the discussions. If you like to join our social media forum with other adopters, you can also join our private group for adopters in Facebook.   

Twice a year we will arrange a special adopters’ day, for maximum of 30 persons per day. The adopters’ day includes a free guided tour to our reindeer farm and a trip to meet the reindeer in their natural habitats (transport to our farm is not included but can be organised by request). Please note that there is a limited number of places to these trips. Ensure your place by pre-ordering it. 

Adoption is valid when you have paid it. You can cancel the adoption within 14 days after the adoption, in which case you get refunded the price of adoption except 60 € cancellation costs. 

The adoption period is one year starting from the adoption date. If you wish, you can continue the adoption yearly for the chosen reindeer’s lifetime by adopting it again before the end of the current adoption period.  

Please note that your adopted reindeer is a real living animal, and it will stay living free in the nature. Because of all that we cannot know how long it’s life will be. Reindeer can live up to 20 years but that’s rather rare. Around twelve years is a common life expectancy. If your adopted reindeer gets lost or dies during the adoption period, we will offer another suitable reindeer for you for the remaining time. 

To ensure the safety of our beloved animals and the Arctic nature they are living at, we are not offering any independent visits to their pasture lands. As an adopter, you are always warmly welcome to book a guided private visit to meet your reindeer.

Please notice that adoption does not mean physical ownership over adopted reindeer or property. The reindeer, and all other items (e.g. collars, ear tags, etc), remains our property.

These terms and conditions are subject to changes without notification. Please check the current terms and conditions from this page. Finnish laws apply to all legal issues, and if necessary, disagreements are handled in the Finnish court of law.


Bookings and cancellations

If you are arriving to our farm on your own, you will get the exact address in the ticket. 

If you have special dietary requirements, please state them clearly while booking. We try to take them into account as well as possible.   

Cancellations can be done via e-mail to [email protected]

Booking fee is 20 % of the total amount and it is not refundable. When the cancellation is made less than 7 days prior to the arrival or no show: cancellation fee is 100 % of the total amount.

In the case of extreme weather or some other force majeure, we hold the right to cancel the program. If we do so, all payments will be fully refunded.

The language on all adventures will be English, if not agreed otherwise.

Reindeer Journey Oy’s online shop sells products to private persons world wide. The company reserves all rights to change the terms, conditions, and prices. All prices include the VAT according to the Taxation Laws and Regulations of Finland.


Reindeer Journey has a General Third Party Liability Insurance for bodily injury and property damage according to the terms and conditions of Pohjola insurance company.

Reindeer Journey may be held liable for accidental personal injuries or material damages which have happened during at the time of Reindeer Journey’s offered services only if those are caused by negligence of the Reindeer Journey or its personnel or by used or offered faulty equipment.

Any accidental damage or injury is a concern of the customer’s own travel insurance, and Reindeer Journey is not liable for them.


Payment Service Provider

Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.

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General Data Protection  

The Registry keeper:             Reindeer Journey Oy

Contact information:            [email protected]

  1. The personal data collected, the reason for collecting and using the personal data, and the legal standards

We collect and use personal data from our customers to conduct the customer services and marketing, and to fulfil the legal requirements. To complete these tasks, we have a customer register. The requirement for using our services is to give an approval for the use of the necessary personal data.

In addition, we collect some voluntary personal data for example from feedback and requests. We might store some phone calls or web conversations to develop and improve our services. We use this data also to marketing, and making product- and customer analysis, in order to improve our products and services. Giving the data for this use is always based on your voluntarily given consent. We never transmit to this data to third parties for their marketing.

The personal data registered:

Contact information:      e-mail address

Identification:                 Name, state and country

We use these personal data to fulfill the legal requirements concerning us, and to fulfill the services you have ordered from us.

The legal basis of justification for the handling and registering the personal data is the agreement. Giving the personal data needed, and the right to register it, is a requirement for a customership in our web shop.  We ask this agreement when you are making a purchase or reservation.

  1. Transmitting the personal data

In our company, your personal data is handled only by our personnel. In addition, we transmit the data if it is necessary due to complete the services ordered. These services include for example: payment transactions, bookkeeping, auditing, and it-support services. We also transmit the data to authorities like the police, and the tax- and supervising authorities, when it is required to do so by law. We ensure that the data transfer complies with the legislation on data protection. Information that allows your identification will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any other parties for any other reason without your consent.

  1. Securing the personal data

We take care of the data by keeping our data safety systems updated. Our facilities are always secured by data security services and passwords, to prevent any losses, abuse, unauthorized use, or unintended changes.

  1. Storing the personal data

We store the personal data only as long as it is necessary for purposes we have collected it, respecting though the conditions set by laws. In addition to the service you have ordered, we archive the information in our registers for five years, and for accounting purposes ten years.

  1. Your rights concerning the protection of privacy

You have the right to check, and when necessary ask to correct or remove, the personal data we have in our registers concerning you. In addition, you have the right to set limitations for the use of your personal data, and cancel the given permission for marketing. Also, you have “the right to be forgotten”, when we do not have legal obligations to continue the handling of your personal data.

  1. Cookies

We collect, handle, and analyse the user data concerning the use of our web sites. That is necessary for sending messages, completing purchases, and using other services we offer. We use cookies and other necessary technology. This is how we can offer you products, a safe web environment, marketing, improved customer experiences, and good-quality services, and also do analytics. We do not use the information to identify you. You can approve or block the cookies. If you block the cookies, you can browse our pages and some services, but you cannot make any orders or reservations.

7. We are continually improving our services, products, and web pages. Due to that we might make changes on our data protection document. If the law requires so, we will inform you about the changes. In other cases, we ask you to read our current procedures and possible changes from this data protection document.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All these terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the Finnish Law and all disagreements are handled in The Finnish Courts when necessary.

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