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Join the Herd!

Would you like to be a part of our herd? You are warmly welcome! Choose your own reindeer from our authentic, free-ranging reindeer herd.

You can choose a private adoption, and your chosen reindeer is just for you. Or join the team and share your chosen reindeer with its other adopters. Read more about the options from here.

All the reindeer available for adoption are individually identifiable. You can also meet your own reindeer in nature by booking a visit

  • Pörrö

    Pure white mother reindeer with a cheerful personality.

  • Antler minister

    Beautiful young sleigh reindeer. Got his name as a calf, due to his exceptionally massive antlers.

  • Juro

    Stubborn, sympathetic young sleigh reindeer, having rather unique ideas.

  • Little Assistant

    Friendly doe. Likes to participate on everything with people.   

  • Snow White

    Beautiful young doe with pure white color and friendly personality. Mama reindeer since May 2020.

  • Frost Beard

    Calm and quiet young gelding with grand blond beard.

  • Topi

    Cute young reindeer boy, who is going to be a big star one day.

  • Jomppa

    A friendly and funny stag. Jomppa is studying in the Reindeer Sleigh School.

  • Vitako

    Massive and gorgeous young male. Studying in the sleigh school.