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  • Pörrö

    Pure white mother reindeer with a cheerful personality.

  • Antler minister

    Beautiful young sleigh reindeer. Got his name as a calf, due to his exceptionally massive antlers.

  • Juro

    Stubborn, sympathetic young sleigh reindeer, having rather unique ideas.

  • Little Assistant

    Friendly doe. Likes to participate on everything with people.   

  • Snow White

    Beautiful young doe with pure white color and friendly personality. Mama reindeer since May 2020.

  • Frost Beard

    Calm and quiet young gelding with grand blond beard.

  • Topi

    Cute young reindeer boy, who is going to be a big star one day.

  • Jomppa

    A friendly and funny stag. Jomppa is studying in the Reindeer Sleigh School.

  • Vitako

    Massive and gorgeous young male. Studying in the sleigh school.