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Stubborn, sympathetic young sleigh reindeer, having rather unique ideas.

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Juro is exceptionally stubborn but sympathetic young sleigh reindeer, having a lot of his own ideas about all things. Juro is well tamed and friendly but it took him a lot more time and studying, than the others usually do, to learn to walk on leash. As a calf he used to lay down immediately when he felt any pressure due to the leash.

Juro stumbled trough a long and rocky road to a professional sleigh reindeer. His education in the sleigh school took years, patience, and especially us reading up on his rather special personality.  Juro got his name already as a calf, and it is the description of his character. The meaning of his Finnish name is a stubborn contrarian, difficult to understand by others.

After four years of slow and careful studies, Juro ended up to be a professional sleigh reindeer. Thanks to him, we humans were also educated to be remarkably more competent and a lot wiser reindeer trainers. When the trainers learned to understand Juro, Juro learned to walk on leash. He has joined the Santa’s proud and professional sleigh reindeer team in December 2019.


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Sleigh reindeer


kosate (5 years)


Reindeer colored




Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


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