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Tiny young gelding who is still growing and studying to entertain our guests.

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Pumba is a tiny, blond gelding, soon graduating from the Reindeer Sleigh School. He got his name from the Disney cartoon the Lion King, although he does not have much in common with his namesake, who is a big and a bit simple minded warthog. Our Pumba is stunningly smart, and petite. The correspondence in between these two Pumbas is flatulence: as a calf our Pumba had a bad diarrhea, and the cartoon character Pumba farted a lot.

In his first winter, Pumba was found in rather weak physical condition, and he spend a few weeks in special care. There he gained his strength back and also learned to love people a lot. After his recovery, Pumba started his studies in preschool class, and was among the best students immediately. He is exceptionally tamed, and not afraid of people, never mind if they are familiar or strangers. Due to his first experiences, he thinks people are lifesavers anyway.    

Pumba loves to hang around people, and he is also greedy, always checking if he can find some treats from someone’s pockets. He will surely become a nice and cute sleigh reindeer, who makes friends all around the world. If he will not grow to be strong enough to pull a sleigh, he will be our mascot. The official travelers’ kisser, whose job is to be too cute.

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Sleigh reindeer


kunteus (4 years)






Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


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