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  • Vitako

    Massive and gorgeous young male. Studying in the sleigh school. 

  • Cupid

    Handsome gelding with beautiful antlers and pure white color. Prince Charming. 

  • Pumba

    Tiny young gelding who is still growing and studying to entertain our guests.

  • Lumberjack

    Cute, easy and hearty young sleigh reindeer with a lucky history.  

  • Ossi-Veikko

    Steady and hard-working sleigh reindeer, loving people who bring him delicacies.

  • Uljas

    Young and promising sleigh reindeer. Easy-going and friendly.

  • Priimus

    Courageous and calm, but not very sociable sleigh reindeer. 

  • Raikku

    Always the first one checking visitor’s pockets for some treats.

  • Kelokka

    Calm and friendly sleigh reindeer. Likes to hang around people. Pretty boy.