Finland is closing its borders for a while, so our life in the reindeer farm will be calm and quiet for coming weeks. Sad it is. But we will survive. Hope you will too! This virus is like a scary movie, feeling a bit unreal and still happening in reality. All blessings to the worst-hit countries and all people suffering. Our thoughts are with you <3

We are in home quarantine, due to the fact, that our family’s oldest members are in their late 80s, and have some basic diseases. So, we have closed all our tours for at least two weeks, and will close them for a longer period if needed, when we see how this pandemic continues and eventually ends.

Due to this unexpected situation, we have planned some new on-line services. Today we opened Reindeer Journey’s adopters’ group in Facebook. It is a private group for all our reindeer adopters. The aim is to make it easier for you to join and communicate, ask and comment etc. WE want to make communication easier and more social. We’ll also share live videos from our reindeer farm, and time will show what else 😊 Any suggestions? We will of course still also update the diaries in every reindeer’s own pages on weekly basis, as we have done also earlier.  So, no worries if you do not use Facebook or not want to join. This is just an extra forum open to those adopters who are willing to join.  

You can find the group by name: Reindeer Journey’s adopters’ group. First, we’ll check that you are really one of our adopters and then let you join the group.

The link to the adopters’ group:


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