The Hope of New Life

Reindeer calving season has started. Newborn reindeer are running around the forests and wetlands. May is the month when most reindeer calves are born. In Sámi language May is called “reindeer calf month”.

Our reindeer go near the large wetlands to give birth. There they have peace far away from human made hassle, and they like to eat plants growing in swamps, like bogbean. We are spying them from distance every now and then, trying to check everything is going well but still avoid any unnecessary disturbance. Today we spotted a few newborn cuties. They are too cute, aren’t they?

Newborn reindeer calf weights about 5-7 kilos. Very soon after birth they can already run. And for sure, they love running. Sometimes it looks like the mothers have difficulties to follow these few days old rascals running and jumping around.  

We have had a very long and hard winter here this year. Then, after all difficulties with extremely heavy snow and ice conditions, came the pandemic, ending all traveling. It’s not easy for us, like it’s not easy to so many others, all around the world.

Seeing baby reindeer gives hope. Life will continue. Summer will melt the snow, eventually. The pandemic will end. The world will change to better. We will meet you all again. Until then, take care and stay safe! 

Best wishes, Reindeer Journey team 

ps. If it walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, it’s a baby reindeer <3


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