Pitching the Lappish Hut with some helping hooves 🙂

Today the weather was finally suitable for pitching up our Lappish hut (Lávvu) into the forest. It will be a nice shelter, to enjoy packed lunch and warm drinks, especially in harsh weather.

We got some helping hooves there as well. And Martta the Lapponian herder, of course, was supervising the building process all the way.

Putting up the Lávvu, a traditional Lappish Hut.
Martta (Lapponian herder) and her friends checking if the Lávvu sheet is good to use.

Tomorrow we’ll “furnish” it and then it is ready for use. The Lávvu is near our reindeer feeding site, and this is the place we enjoy the Lappish snacks with our guests in coming months. You’re welcome to join us! 🙂

Our Lávvu, a traditional Lappish Hut.


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