Our Reindeer Sleigh School hanging around in a stormy day. Stags (bald) and castrated males (with antlers) are staying together. Does are in their own herd, a bit further from home, in winter.

Last two weeks we have had so weird weather! One day it’s raining and next it’s -25 of C. As you surely can imagine, everything is completely frozen. And reindeer are searching for better grazing grounds, going to places we would prefer them not to go. Life has been quite a mess.

Luckily our reindeer are settled quite well on the herd, not walking so much anymore. We have started winter feeding already, and almost all herd has settled on to their winter grounds, near our feeding sites.

Sleigh reindeer and other males are in their own stock, hanging together and taking it easy. We do not let the stags to go with does, because they do not have antlers this time of year, and might not get enough food in the same herd with does who have antlers and are ruling the world right now 🙂

Mr Näkkälä in a snow storm

Hopefully the weather gets a bit steadier, so we can continue the training with these blokes soon. It’s so much fun! You can come and see 😉 When they are ready, they’ll join the Santa’s reindeer team!


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