Oletko aina halunnut oman poron?
Nyt se on mahdollista!

Reindeer Journey on pieni perheyritys ja porotila Rovaniemen pohjoislaidalla. Tervetuloa mukaan päivittäisiin askareihimme porojen ja Lapin luonnon äärelle. Adoptoi itsellesi tai lahjaksi poro ja seuraa sen elämää ympäri vuoden. Tai tule mukaan ainutlaatuisille retkillemme.

Autenttiset retket

Puhdas villi luonto, kauniit vapaana laiduntavat porot, vanhat metsät. Ei keinovaloja tai melua, kiirettä tai väenpaljoutta. Tule mukaamme porojen poluille nauttimaan aidosta luonnosta ja hiljaisuudesta!

Oma poro

Oletko haaveillut omasta porosta? Etsitkö täydellistä joululahjaa läheisellesi? Miten olisi oikea elävä poro Suomen Lapista? Yhdessä voimme tehdä toiveista totta!

Hei, haluaisitko ystäväksesi oman poron? Adoptoi joku meistä!

  • Cupid

    Handsome gelding with beautiful antlers and pure white color. Prince Charming. 

  • Emeritus

    Friendly and likes people a lot. Mainly because he is terribly greedy.

  • Frost Beard

    Calm and quiet young gelding with grand blond beard.

  • Jomppa

    A friendly and funny stag. Jomppa is studying in the Reindeer Sleigh School. 

  • Juro

    Stubborn, sympathetic young sleigh reindeer, having rather unique ideas.

  • Jämy

    Hates noise and is a bit reserved towards people while working. Fast runner. 

  • Kelokka

    Calm and friendly sleigh reindeer. Likes to hang around people. Pretty boy. 

  • Little assistant

    Friendly doe. Likes to participate on everything with people.   

  • Little Rooki

    Very hardworking. Fears nothing. Little rascal who likes to tease the dogs.

  • Lotta the Reindeer

    Beautiful and noble mama reindeer with a rare color and character.

  • Lumberjack

    Cute, easy and hearty young sleigh reindeer with a lucky history.  

  • Mr Näkkälä

    Absolutely the laziest of all lazy reindeer. A big daddy, who is not working. Never.

  • Nyhvetti

    Very curious, and sociable. Always ready to work and offer a slow and peaceful ride.

  • Ossi-Veikko

    Steady and hard-working sleigh reindeer, loving people who bring him delicacies.

  • Pedro

    The speedy leader. Curious towards people. Sometimes offers a flying ride.

  • Pertsa

    Likes people a lot, especially the ones that carry lichen with them. Great and funny guy.

  • Porosenkko

    Quick-tempered young race reindeer. Rather sassy fighter in the rutting season.

  • Prancer

    Prancer is rather energetic young fellow. He is also well-tamed and friendly. 

  • Priimus

    Courageous and calm, but not very sociable sleigh reindeer. 

  • Pumba

    Tiny young gelding who is still growing and studying to entertain our guests.

  • Pörrö

    Pure white mother reindeer with a cheerful personality.

  • Raikku

    Always the first one checking visitor’s pockets for some treats.

  • Reima

    Calm and wise race reindeer who is eager to win the races. Retiring gradually.

  • Roki

    Roki is the friendliest of all friendly reindeer. Boxing is his hobby. 

  • Ruski

    Brisk reindeer stag who is a little biased towards strangers.

  • Salamo

    As the ultimate King of the rutting grounds, Salamo is the proud father of many.

  • Snow White

    Beautiful young doe with pure white color. Mama reindeer to be.

  • Stripeback

    Everybody’s friend. Friendly, but often keeps some distance to strangers.

  • Topi

    Cute little reindeer cub, who is going to be a big star one day.

  • Uljas

    Young and promising sleigh reindeer. Easy-going and friendly.

  • Vakke Skywalker

    International superstar. Simply the greatest.

  • Vihuri

    Humble, sensitive, and little shy race reindeer with cute blond hairstyle.