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Vakke Skywalker

International superstar. Simply the greatest.



Vakke Skywalker is the oldest member of our sleigh team. He has an exceptional character. Rascal, wise, and moody. Simply the greatest. As a youngster he worked as a breeding male, also learning to pull our kids with skies in winter times, and us in a sleigh as well.     

Vakke is smart and a bit lazy. He lets the others do the harder parts of work. If he is not on a mood for work, he takes a day off. When in a good mood, Vakke is a calm and quiet, reliable sleigh reindeer, who walks or jogs slowly through forests and lets you enjoy the beautiful sceneries without much hurry. At his best he is great sleigh reindeer but if he is in a bad mood, he simply refuses to work.

As his basic character, Vakke is a trickster and amazingly smart. He reads people like an open book. You cannot cheat him. Working with Vakke is continuous negotiation and making agreements on a daily basis. Vakke announces his terms and conditions and people don’t have much choice but to accept those. One can try to negotiate better contract for a day by offering extra treats, but success is anyway random. Vakke is the master of his life, and does as he likes.

The byname Skywalker Vakke got after he posed in photos, with glowing antlers looking like two light sabers from the Star Wars universe, as a test reindeer for reflective paint. The photos of him, glowing in the dark, spread like a storm all over the world. Tens of film groups and journalists visited Vakke in winters 2014-15. That’s when Vakke learned to pose in the spotlights and act like a world-famous celebrity. Google “Glowing antlers” and you will find the whole story.  Vakke wears a GPS collar and can be spotted year around.

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Sleigh reindeer


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Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


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