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Humble, sensitive, and little shy race reindeer with cute blond hairstyle.


Vihuri moved to our herd as a calf, in his first winter, from our neighbouring herding cooperative Poikajärvi, near the Rovaniemi city centre. He is a bit shy and as such he can be quite moody to handle. That’s also the story behind his name: Vihuri means a gust of wind.

Vihuri is a race reindeer. He is racing in the Reindeer cup’s Basic league. As a racer, Vihuri is very touchy and he do not stand other reindeers coming too close, especially touching his sides while running. When there is not enough space for him, he rather backs off a bit and stays behind to avoid any touching. Sometimes he manages to run ahead the others and then he is doing a great race.  

Vihuri is a fast runner, massive and long-legged male, but not competitive at all. So, he has not got much success in races.   

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Race reindeer


No name (7 year or older)


Reindeer colored




Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


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