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As the ultimate King of the rutting grounds, Salamo is the proud father of many.


Salamo is a handsome black-coloured breeding male. He grows absolutely huge antlers every year. In autumn 2018 he dropped his antlers to our yard. The weight of them was seven kilograms each. The antlers of breeding males are especially desirable raw materials for handicrafts because they are hard, durable and beautiful.

Salamo was born in the Kutuharju reindeer field research station in Inari. From there he moved to our herd as a yearling in the spring 2012. One yearling from our herd moved to Kutuharju as a change, to be a breeding male there.

Salamo is a bit stubborn guy, and due to that his usual nicknames are Salami (sausage) or Salama (thunderbolt). He do not like people much. He will definitely not pull a sleigh.

As a youngster, Salamo tried a career as a race reindeer. He was and is quite a fast runner, and he got a licence to run in reindeer races by running fast enough in test drives. Still, he does not like running together with other reindeer in a group. When trying to do that, Salamo backed off behind the group and ran the round right there, behind the others, from one side of the track to another. So, the racing career did not really set out either, and Salamo has worked as a breeding male ever since.  

Salamo is a clever boy. All his life, he has avoided all reindeer round-ups. In autumn, at the time of round-ups, he just comes back home from the summer grounds, and stays. Why to hassle in big reindeer stocks inside round-up fences, when you can just walk back home and start enjoying mamas’ winter-porridge?

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Breeding male, Race reindeer


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Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


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