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Calm and wise race reindeer who is eager to win the races. Retiring gradually.


Reima is our very first real race reindeer, and as such he is quite a special friend. He was racing in the Reindeer cup’s Hot league. Reima has won several trophies so far in his career. As a racer he is at his best very competitive and he wants to win. Reima’s race career ended in winter 2019. Since then he has enjoyed his well-earned free life as a pensioner. 

Reima was born in the Kutuharju reindeer field research station in Inari. From there he moved to our herd as a yearling in the spring 2012. One of our yearlings from our herd moved to Kutuharju as a change, to be a breeding male there. By changing young males between the herds, we ensure the variation of genetics in both herds. 

Reima is characteristically calm and peaceful. With other reindeer, he is the leader and keep others in strict order. In winter, Reima likes to hang around with his racing colleague Vihuri. During summer, he is grazing near home. He is wearing a GPS collar and due to that we always know where he is, and you can meet him near our farm year around. 

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Race reindeer


No name (7 year or older)


Reindeer colored




Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


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