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Prancer is rather energetic young fellow. He is also well-tamed and friendly. 


Prancer (Tepsu) is a beautiful young male, First grader in our Reindeer Sleigh School. He is well-tamed and friendly, and as such he will surely make a great job as a sleigh worker. His Finnish name Tepsu is our version of the name Prancer from the Rudolph the Rednose’s reindeer team.

Prancer is rather energetic fellow, and sometimes he is prancing, or walks in short quick steps while training. The Finnish verb for this is “tepsutella”, and that is the origin of Tepsu’s name.

Prancer is still studying to be a sleigh reindeer. He is a promising youngster and will quite surely graduate with honors in a couple of years. Prancer’s mom is a beautiful white reindeer doe. Prancer has also two little brothers, one born in 2018 and the other in 2019. If the nature is on their side, all these boys will grow up to shine together as sleigh reindeers in coming years.

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Sleigh reindeer


urakka (2 vuotta)






Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


Bird Toe

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