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Quick-tempered young race reindeer. Rather sassy fighter in the rutting season.


Porosenkko moved to our herd as a calf, in his first winter, from the herding cooperative Muonio, about 150 kilometres north from us. Porosenkko is friendly and well tamed and always comes to meet you hoping to get some treats. But when handled, he is a bit timid and unpredictable, and as such he is not making a career as a sleigh reindeer. Although Porosenkko’s name might sound a bit political, he is not a politician either. Poro is the Finnish word for a reindeer.

Porosenkko often has his own ideas about many things, for example how the training should or should not be done or where the trail leads. He easily surprises a handler who is not prepared to Porosenkko’s own, sometimes quite unique, ideas.

In the rutting season Porosenkko is a hard worker as a breeding male, but also quite a fighter. He is very fast and has also tried his speed in reindeer races. He has participated into the trial runs, and got a racing licence, but that was not a promising career for him. So at the end, Porosenkko is continuing his career as a breeding male.

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Breeding male, Race reindeer


kosate (5 years)


Reindeer colored




Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


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