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Likes people a lot, especially the ones that carry lichen with them. Great and funny guy.


As a calf, Pertsa had got lost. He was found far far away from home, near the Rovaniemi city centre, from where we brought him back home by car. Even though Pertsa had got so badly lost, he was in good condition. Soon after his arrival back home, he was ready to start his studies in the Sleigh school preschool grade.

In the school, Pertsa showed to be an exemplary student, a real sleigh nerd.  He is naturally tamed and fearless. He is curious and always at first on the stage when something is happening. In the herd, Pertsa is like a little brother to Nyhvetti, and the boys often hang around together. Pertsa has started sleigh rides with travelers in winter 2019, and he is doing great. 

Pertsa is a funny guy, often a little clown really. He entertains himself for example by kicking sacks around the corrals. Luckily, he never kicks people, though. When people enter to the corral, he runs to them to say a friendly hello, and check if they brought any reindeer candies for him.  

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Sleigh reindeer


kosate (5 years)






Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


Vita Ear

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