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The speedy leader. Curious towards people. Sometimes offers a flying ride.

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Pedro moved to our herd as a calf, in his first winter, from our neighbouring herding cooperative Poikajärvi, near the Rovaniemi city centre. As a calf, Pedro was a massive and handsome boy, with long legs and back. We thought he might become a brilliant race reindeer, and that was the number one career plan we made for him. Soon enough we learned that even though Pedro looks like a fast runner, he is not such at all. So, Pedro worked a couple of years as a breeding male.     

When Pedro was growing older, we started to wonder if he would still learn to pull a sleigh. He started to study in the Sleigh school at the age of four, kunteus, a lot older that reindeer usually do. The beginning was rather hard. He was strong and a bit spooky, not the easiest to handle. We gave up a couple of times, deciding that he is too difficult to handle safely. Still, progressing very slowly, he started to learn and calm down.

Against all odds, Pedro is now working with travelers, and doing very good.

Pedro has a bossy temperament. He is the king of the corrals, and tells to the others how to behave. Pedro is a strong and hardworking male, and offers travelers a brisk and nice, tough sometimes rather speedy, sleigh ride. While working in a line with others, raito, Pedro does his part calmly and adjusts his speed to others.

Pedro do not like to be touched at all but otherwise he likes people and is eager to search reindeer sweets from people’s hands and pockets. When he is in a good mood, he might even give you a kiss.   

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Sleigh reindeer


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Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


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