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Steady and hard-working sleigh reindeer, loving people who bring him delicacies.

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Ossi-Veikko joined to our sleigh reindeer team as an adult castrated male who had already worked with travellers. He jumped in and joined the team easily and smoothly. That’s also his character: calm and easy-going. His name was Ossi when we bought him from a man whose name is Veikko. That’s how his name came about. Both Ossi and Veikko are common Finnish forenames for men.   

Ossi-Veikko is an experienced and reliable sleigh worker, and always does his part of the job. He was very desired and welcome member to our young work team, with his strong expertise and great character. He is at his best when the driver sits on the sleigh. While walking in a raito (raw of reindeers pulling sleighs) he sometimes plays truant and lets the other reindeers to tow him.   

Ossi-Veikko has beautiful antlers, and he is a sizeable bloke. He is always ready to eat what the visitors offer to him.

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Private Adoption, Shared Adoption


Sleigh reindeer


No name (7 year or older)


Reindeer colored




Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

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