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Very curious, and sociable. Always ready to work and offer a slow and peaceful ride.


As a calf, Nyhvetti was already handsome, with long legs and back, looking nice. He was also exceptionally trusting and friendly towards people. A wise man from the very beginning.

Nyhvetti, nicknamed Nyffe, started in the Sleigh school as a calf, and learned fast to follow people when handled. He has never been afraid at all of people touching him. He even likes to be scratched every now and then which is quite rare: reindeer usually do not like to be touched at all. Sometimes Nyhvetti is a bit too active with his antlers, breaking those often on early winter. Luckily, he is handsome even with broken antlers.

As a calf and a yearling, Nyhvetti just lounged around at our reindeer sleigh school corral, being a bit lazy and easy-going kid. His name comes from the Finnish word “nyhvätä”, which expresses his character.  

When Nyhvetti had his first travelers on his sleigh, he freaked out for some reason and offered them quite a flying ride. After a couple of training tours, he learned that there is no need to rush, and ever since he had worked calmly. Today, Nyhvetti is the most reliable sleigh reindeer. He can be trusted in any situation, and he is always ready and willing to work. He is also strong and do not get tired easily.

Nyhvetti is a hard worker, never trying to avoid his duties. He proudly pulls his sleigh when asked to. He has done some promotional shootings also.  

In the spring 2018 Nyhvetti became an uncle when his little sister got her first calf.  

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Private Adoption, Shared Adoption


Sleigh reindeer


No name (7 year or older)


Reindeer colored




Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


Vita Ear

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