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Lotta the Reindeer

Beautiful and noble mama reindeer with a rare color and character.


Lotta the Reindeer is a strong and big doe with beautiful antlers, and rare black and white color. Usually she gives birth to a black colored calf in May.

In our farm we have a horse with the same color (tobiano, black and white), and the horse’s name is Lotta. So the reindeer with this color naturally got the same name. To distinguish Lotta horse and Lotta reindeer from each other, the latter is referred with the ending “the Reindeer”.

Lotta the Reindeer has not only a rare color but also a rather rare character. She is a loner, often avoiding the company of other reindeer and humans alike. She likes to walk on and choose her own paths.

Additional information

Private Adoption, Shared Adoption

Breeding female

No name (7 year or older)

Multicolored Black


Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Off Ear

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