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Little Rooki

Very hardworking. Fears nothing. Little rascal who likes to tease the dogs.


Little-Rooki was a big and nicely coloured baby reindeer already in his first summer. In autumn he was a good-looking youngster, and chosen to start studies in our Sleigh school. Little-Rooki proved to be a smart student who learned fast and well.

Little-Rooki got his name according to his colour, which is called rooki, meaning a light-coloured spotted reindeer. The prefix ”Little” comes from his likely father reindeer Rooki. When Little-Rooki was a calf there was a big, massive rooki-coloured breeding male in our herd, and we called him Rooki. So, the newcomer got a prefix to differentiate him from his bigger namesake, who also was potentially his dad.

Besides his name, Little-Rooki is not little at all. He is a rather sizeable and absolutely adorable adult male, working as a reliable and brave sleigh reindeer. Little-Rooki doesn’t really like to be touched but he can cope with that if needed. He is the most mettlesome reindeer in our sleigh team. He never scares off and is not afraid of basically anything. He is also rather playful: for example, every now and then Little-Rooki entertains himself by chasing our dogs.   

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Sleigh reindeer


No name (7 year or older)






Jääskö reindeer herding cooperative, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


Bird Toe

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