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  • Mr Näkkälä

    Absolutely the laziest of all lazy reindeer. A big daddy, who is not working. Never.

  • Stripeback

    Everybody’s friend. Friendly, but often keeps some distance to strangers.

  • Ruski

    Brisk reindeer stag who is a little biased towards strangers.

  • Porosenkko

    Quick-tempered young race reindeer. Rather sassy fighter in the rutting season.

  • Roki

    Roki is the friendliest of all friendly reindeer. Boxing is his hobby. 

  • Vihuri

    Humble, sensitive, and little shy race reindeer with cute blond hairstyle.

  • Reima

    Calm and wise race reindeer who is eager to win the races. Retiring gradually.

  • Vakke Skywalker

    International superstar. Simply the greatest.

  • Emeritus

    Friendly and likes people a lot. Mainly because he is terribly greedy.